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Embrace the Depth of Your Emotions with Aselfa: Comprehensive Analysis at all plans — from Free to Premium!
Discover the ease and precision of Aselfa's user-friendly system tailored for accurate feelings analysis. Effortlessly track your emotional history, spot trends through comparison, and oversee your developmental strides with our advanced analytical tools. Benefit from exceptional reports and recommendations that provide a comprehensive view of your current state, enriched by a historical analysis of your emotional journey. Enjoy these insights in vibrant, intuitive weekly or monthly reports, ensuring you stay informed and empowered to manage your emotional wellbeing.

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Aselfa promotes stronger bonds and communication within families and among friends. Create shared profiles and share your emotional results to better understand and support each other.

Main Test - The Happiness Level

In the gentle light of wisdom, amidst whispers of knowledge and conjecture, we sought the answer to the age-old query: "What is happiness? And how can we measure it?"

After extensive consultations with various leading psychologists, contemporary philosophers, and even artificial intelligence, we discovered that happiness is not just an emotion, but rather a complex intertwining of numerous factors that must be in harmony. Happiness is a fleeting state and exists only in this unique moment. Here and Now.

Therefore, to capture and remember this moment, we found seven questions that reflect our current state, giving us the chance to see our true "self" in this very second.

Here are these seven questions – keys to your current level of happiness:
Health, Career or Education, Financial Situation, Relationships, Personal life, Hobbies and Leisure, Mood

After taking the test, you might see things that seem obvious, but now with clearer characteristics. Sometimes, seeing things in concrete forms helps us understand them better. This understanding is an important step, even on a subconscious level, to discovering the path to blissful sensations.

Most importantly, based on your current responses, you will receive a recommendation. It will guide you on what to improve, what to focus on, and what is already good.

Seven questions

In "Happiness Level" Test, you will encounter seven questions, each accompanied by a slider to express your feelings ranging from "VERY BAD" to "EXCELLENT".
Remember, happiness is what you feel here and now, not in the past or future. Try to adjust the slider based on your immediate emotions.

Here are the seven key aspects of your life to assess:

Health: Considers your physical state, including overall health, energy levels, and any pain or discomfort. Evaluates your mental health, encompassing stress, anxiety, and overall emotional state. Reflect on how your health impacts your daily life and how much care you take of it.

Career or Education: Assessment of your satisfaction with your current job or studies. Analyzes factors like interest in tasks, work environment, relationships with colleagues, and opportunities for growth. Consider how well your career or education aligns with your goals and aspirations.

Financial Situation: Assessment of your satisfaction with your financial status.
Considers your sense of financial stability and ability to manage expenses.
Think about how finances impact your happiness and life decisions.

Relationships: Evaluation of the quality of your relationships with family, friends, and partners.
Includes aspects such as understanding, support, communication, and shared interests.
Reflect on how relationships influence your emotional wellbeing.

Personal Life: Assessment of the level of satisfaction with your personal life and self-fulfillment.
Considers personal goals, hobbies, dreams, and the balance between personal and professional life.
Analyze how your personal life matches your internal values.

Hobbies and Leisure: Assessment of how your hobbies and leisure activities impact your happiness and wellbeing.
Includes satisfaction from hobbies and having time for relaxation.
Reflect on how hobbies and activities help achieve a balance in life.

Mood: Evaluation of your overall mood and emotional state.

Why Track and Monitor Happiness Levels?

Self-Understanding: Knowing your current level of happiness aids in self-analysis and self-awareness. It's the first step towards a better understanding of yourself and your needs.

Purposeful Changes: Monitoring your happiness level allows you to see how different aspects of your life impact your well-being. This knowledge enables you to make informed changes to enhance your quality of life.

Personal Growth: Continuously monitoring your happiness level encourages development and personal growth. You begin to work more actively on yourself, recognizing and developing your strengths.

Making Important Decisions: Understanding your happiness level can assist in making critical life decisions, from career choices to personal relationships.

Creating Positive Habits: Regularly tracking your happiness level helps in forming positive habits and abandoning those that harm your well-being.

Community and Support: Sharing your results with the ASELFA community provides you with support and motivation from like-minded individuals.

Peek Into Tomorrow!
Exciting Innovations We're Bringing to Life Soon:

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Embark on a journey with Aselfa, designed to empower bloggers like you! Elevate the caliber of your content and foster profound connections with your audience. With Aselfa, you not only gain insights into your audience's passions and interests but also allow your subscribers to easily tune into your emotional experiences and growth.
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For Professional Psychologists

Psychologists can use Aselfa in their work with clients. Observe the emotional progress of your patients, provide them with personalized content, and track their changes over time. Create your own sets of surveys and monitor changes in your clients over time. Visualize the results in your personal dashboard or export them in a convenient format.

For Customers Reviews

Aselfa will help you and your team better understand the emotional state of your customers and create more enjoyable and effective relationships. For example, if your company collects feedback or reviews from customers, Aselfa will help you better analyze and understand not only the emotional reactions of your audience but also launch your own surveys with your unique parameters in a colorful and intuitively understandable form. This will help you improve the quality of your products or services and strengthen customer relationships.

Inside your Company

HR specialists can use Aselfa to support employees in managing stress and improving interpersonal relationships in the workplace. This will help increase productivity and employee satisfaction. The tools for creating your own surveys will allow you to gather feedback from employees on any questions, and further analytics will help visualize the results on our platform or export files.

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